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Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloud™ is a cloud-based archiving service that helps organizations better store, manage, and discover business-critical information. The service is quick and easy to deploy and provides unlimited storage and retention for a predictable monthly fee.The service has two components: Veritas Enterprise Vault™ Personal.cloud Purpose built for your end users and delivers a highly intuitive experience that makes it quick and easy to locate archived information directly from their email client or any supported Web browser. Veritas Enterprise Vault™ Discovery.cloud—Provides your organization's legal team and outside counsel with roles-based access to archived information, helping to expedite the eDiscovery process, and significantly reduce the burden on your IT team.
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Main Features
  • Give your users unlimited storage and access
  • Boost IT and user productivity
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Comprehensive search features
  • Optional mailbox continuity
Veritas Enterprise Vault™ .cloud
Veritas Enterprise Vault™ Personal.cloud is purpose-built for your users—delivering an intuitive experience, while providing your organization with the ease and efficiency of a cloud-based archiving service. With no hardware, software, or client plug-ins required, the service is quick and easy to deploy, and provides unlimited storage and retention for a predictable monthly fee.

Give your users unlimited storage and access

Enterprise Vault Personal.cloud captures, stores, and indexes business-critical information—including emails, attachments, Microsoft SharePoint® and Box files, content from unified communications and instant messaging systems, and Salesforce Chatter™ communications—in a single, searchable, online repository. Your users maintain rapid and secure access to their archived information directly from Microsoft Outlook®, IBM Notes®, or any supported Web browser.

Boost IT and user productivity

A recent study found that employees spend 1.1 hours per day trying to locate information they need to do their job. This single hour each day translates into 12 percent of total work time, totaling more than 30 work days or 1.5 work months a year per employee.¹ Enterprise Vault Personal.cloud can help reduce this loss in productivity by putting your users’ archived information at their fingertips. Plus, your IT team will spend less time helping your users locate their lost or deleted information.

Easy-to-use interface

Enterprise Vault Personal.cloud, which is localized in 27 languages, integrates seamlessly with Outlook or Notes and allows your users to easily search and retrieve archived information through a personal archive folder located within their familiar email client. Using an interface designed with their needs and work habits in mind, your users can also compose new emails, and reply to or forward messages directly from their personal archive. The tabbed interface allows users to open multiple messages at once, and easily switch between them without losing previous views or open messages.

Comprehensive search features

The Enterprise Vault Personal.cloud scalable grid architecture and indexing engine helps your users find emails, attachments, files, and Chatter posts in just seconds. Your users can access their personal archive to search for specific information two ways: Quick Search and Advanced Search. The Advanced Search option gives them the ability to customize their searches based on a variety of criterion, such as message keywords, to, from, subject, date(s), attachments, etc. Search filters offer advanced functionality to help your users quickly and easily fine-tune their search results. Searches operate across all your users’ email, attachments, files, and Salesforce Chatter posts, and can be saved for future use (which means they don’t have to keep recreating their most common searches). In addition, search terms are highlighted within the body of the email, and your users can tag datasets for quicker access.

Optional mailbox continuity

Veritas Enterprise Vault™ Mailbox Continuity.cloud, an add-on feature, helps maximize email availability and guard against the disruption and data loss that can result from an email outage.² The service provides organizations with a hosted email failover system that automatically activates when an outage occurs, allowing users to continue sending and receiving messages through their active internet connection—without interruption

Cloud email archiving

Reduce costs, change budget allocation to a predictable monthly operating expense, and free staff to work on more strategic projects.

Enterprise Vault.cloud provides Microsoft Office 365 archiving or will archive on-premises resources,such as Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint Server, Lync instant messaging.or Skype for Business.

Complimentary eDiscovery and supervision options improve productivity and fulfill additional compliance requirements.

1. Infocentric Research, The Digital Workplace, December September 2011.
2. Requires Veritas™ Email Security.cloud