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Stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats. Protect your critical data wherever it lives. Achieve a higher level of security with Symantec’s cloud solutions.
Get more done, wherever you’re working Let us show you how the cloud is the perfect match for the modern workplace
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Main Features
  • Endpoint Protection SBE Hosted & On-Premises
  • Email Security.cloud
  • Web Security.cloud
Email Security.cloud

Symantec™ Email Security.cloud filters unwanted messages and protects mailboxes from targeted attacks. The service has self-learning capabilities and Symantec intelligence to deliver highly effective and accurate email security. Encryption and data loss prevention help you control sensitive data. It supports Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, on premises or hosted Microsoft Exchange, and other mailbox services, delivering always-on, inbound and outbound messaging security. It is designed to provide 100 percent protection against known and unknown email viruses and have a 99 percent spam capture rate, as defined in the SLA. Email Security.cloud helps protect organizations from email-borne viruses, malware, spam, phishing, targeted attacks, and bulk email, all while removing the complexities of on-site technology.

Protect Your Email From Advanced Threats
  • Leverage one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks and Skeptic scanning technology to effectively block unwanted email
  • Block spear-phishing and targeted attack malicious URLs with Real Time Link Following
  • Fully integrates with Symantec’s new Advanced Threat Protection: Email to uncover complex advanced attacks
Ensure Your Critical Email Data Is Secured
  • Data Protection analyzes the email body, subject, and headers, as well as text within document attachments, to identify and prevent loss of confidential data
  • Policy Based Encryption seamlessly encrypts email to protect confidential communications
  • Image Control scans emails and attachments to identify and block inappropriate images from entering or leaving the organization
Get Dependable Service From The Cloud
  • Leverage the world’s largest cloud email security provider with more than a decade of cloud email security experience
  • Our service level agreement includes a “no virus” guarantee and a service level agreement of greater than 99% effectiveness in identifying email spam
Web Security.cloud

Web based threats continue to rise. Symantec saw over 247,000 web threats a day during 2012, an increase of 30 percent over the previous year.1 Against this ever changing landscape, preventing threats entering through web communications is critical. Symantec Web Security.cloud delivers always-on, advanced malware protection, enforces acceptable use policies, and protects against confidential data loss for businesses looking to protect web use for employees. Support for roaming users extends protection and control outside the corporate network.

Detect threats, control access, protect users &mash; anywhere.

Symantec Web Security.cloud helps protect your organization from compromised websites and malicious downloads and allows you to control, monitor and enforce Acceptable Use Policies for your organizations users, whether on-premises or away from the office. Automatically updated anti-malware layers block threats safely away from your network while URL filtering policies and Web traffic quota limits reduce Web misuse and help protect your bandwidth.

Threat Protection: Advanced Malware Detection

Block threats and phishing attempts

While email is the first vector of attacks, those messages often contain links to malware hosted online; malware can even be served by legitimate websites that have been compromised. URL filtering alone does not provide adequate protection. More often than not, employees will use their company-owned devices to access personal email - opening another uncontrolled attack surface.

Symantec Web Security.cloud prevents malware downloaded from the Internet, whatever the method, from infecting your network. The prevention and detection platforms includes multiple analysis engines that scan all Web requests in real time. A combination of Symantec’s Global Intelligence and the Skeptic heuristic analysis platform detects emerging and zero day threats to ensure all Web content (including PDFs and media files) is free from malicious code before it is delivered to users.
  • Skeptic blocks even the most sophisticated Web attacks, even if they have never been seen before.
  • Consistent policy and security for all users regardless of location.
  • Cloud-based scanning provides real-time analysis and prevention
Data Protection: Control What Data Leaves Your Network

Web Security.cloud helps organizations monitor and control data leaving the network over the Internet and offers the ability for customers to define granular policies to control the data loss over social media, webmail and file sharing sites. Flexible policies can be created quickly to monitor and control both HTTP and HTTPS web traffic.
  • Quickly comply with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA with the included templates.
  • Protect intellectual property (IP) such as source code and customer data.
  • Build customized policy tailored to your requirements.
Protect All Users: Roaming and Remote Worker Support

The modern workforce is not confined to a single office or single network. Whether you have users in home offices, small regional offices, or frequent travellers, our service options for roaming and remote users can help you secure and enforce your security controls wherever your users are.
  • Enforce security policies for employees when they access the Internet from hotspots, pay-for-use portals, public Wi-Fi and VPN connections.
  • Delivered over a global infrastructure for minimal latency, with automatically updated layers of malware defense.
  • Provides you with one view of policy compliance across all users, on-premises, roaming and remote.
Endpoint Protection SBE Hosted & On-Premises

PC and Server Protection, in the cloud or on-premise
You’ve worked hard to grow your business. Now, with Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition¹, adding critical protection to every desktop, laptop, and server has never been easier. As a cloud-managed solution, it sets up in minutes and updates automatically in the background. It’s an easy way to protect your business and your productivity.