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Mcafee Health Care Solution Suite
McAfee Health Care Solution Suite: Protect medical records, devices, data, and meet healthcare regulations. Our integrated healthcare solutions ensure patient data remains secure while adhering to compliance requirements. Protect sensitive healthcare data with Security Connect and stop threats in their tracks with unified management that saves time and costs. The Internet of Things is advancing networked healthcare devices, but hackers are eyeing the valuable data on these devices.McAfee - Shaping and securing the future of medical technology.
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Main Features
  • Faster alerts, analysis, and risk detection
  • Visibility across the heterogeneous environment
  • Data monitoring without disrupting healthcare operations
  • Proactively manage against potential data misuse and transfer
  • Monitor security across your infrastructure
  • Get intrusion protection and threat analysis
  • Protecting mobile devices and the data on them
  • Leverage mobile device management
  • Reduce risk within infrastructure and cost of management
  • Keep devices malware-free
  • Safeguard devices without impacting performance
  • Lower costs and reduce overhead
  • Count on 24/7 security vigilance
It’s no secret that technological advances are shaping the healthcare industry. More healthcare providers are deploying electronic health record systems while adhering to HIPAA compliance and security regulations. Electronic medical record systems may require network overhauls, additional servers, and more storage. Providers are also using medical devices for remote care support. Yet the advantages of mobile device access to healthcare systems, along with electronic patient-doctor communication, is coupled with security breach risks, potential network vulnerabilities, and compliance issues.

Intel Security eases the burden and cost of healthcare security and risk management. Our integrated solutions provide faster protections from emerging threats, easier security policy management, and more robust security for medical devices.

Privacy Breach Detection

Healthcare risk management is not just about managing HIPAA or regional compliance, but creating faster medical data breach detection with our Security Connected framework.

Healthcare Mobile Device Security

Security management that encompasses mobile devices and systems, with supporting network, application, and data security, gives essential protection for healthcare services.

Medical Device Security

Our continued effort working with manufacturers and healthcare providers is driving better medical device security.