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Cloud Solution

Alert Logic
Alert Logic delivers a true Security-as-a-Service solution that is designed to work in cloud, hybrid and on-premises infrastructures. Alert Logic provides a full stack of security solutions. You get deep security insight and continuous protection as a service.
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Main Features
  • Managed Cloud Security: Alert Logic® Cloud Defender®
  • Vulnerability Mangement: Alert Logic® Cloud Insight
  • Network Threat Detection: Alert Logic® Threat Manager™ Web Application Security: Alert Logic® Web Security Manager Log Correlation and Analysis: Alert Logic® Log Manager™ Compliance
MANAGED CLOUD SECURITY: Managed Security From The Cloud

Alert Logic Cloud Defender™ suite of solutions protects web applications and network infrastructure. Whether your data resides on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid data centers, our integrated Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) model protects it all and helps you achieve compliance.

We'll help you turn your data into actionable threat intelligence with the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go subscription model.

Integrated Security, Delivered From the Cloud
  • Get insight into emerging threats with integrated network, application, and system protection
  • Lower cost with our pay-as-you-go subscription model
  • Secure your environment in any major public cloud platform, from Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure
  • Achieve compliance
  • Intrusion Detection: Identify and mitigate network threats and vulnerabilities
  • Security Intelligence: Correlate events to identify high-priority security issues
  • Compliance: Detect security and compliance issues from log data
  • Web Applications Firewall: Protect web applications
VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT: Protect Your Applications Running on AWS

Alert Logic Cloud Insight is the first cloud-native vulnerability and configuration management solution that provides you with a complete view of exposures across both the operating system and the applications you are running on AWS. With integrated host vulnerability identification and AWS account auditing in one solution you can continuously protect your AWS-based applications, while lowering the overall cost of cloud security.

  • Build for AWS
  • Automated by Design
  • Complete Visibility
  • Remediation Focused
  • Continuous Protection
  • Reporting
NETWORK THREAT DETECTION: Managed Intrusion Detection

Alert Logic Threat Manager™ with ActiveWatch is a cloud-based managed intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment solution. Easily deployed into any IT environment, Threat Manager shifts the burden of 24x7 network threat detection, vulnerability scanning, and continuous monitoring from your team to ours.

Your expertise is your business. Our expertise is protecting your networks.

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) and vulnerability scanners can spot the vast majority of potential threats to your environment, but uncovering the real dangers hiding within your data requires a solution that both detects and understands.

With smart analysis and applied threat intelligence, we alert you to the issues that can damage your business.

Business Benefits
  • Provides comprehensive protection with an extensive IDS signature database, continual updates, and unlimited vulnerability scanning
  • Delivers emerging threat protection based on insight gained from thousands of global customers
  • Reduces cost over traditional solutions
  • Provides the latest security technology managed by GIAC-certified analysts
WEB APPLICATION SECURITY: Managed Web Application Security

Alert Logic Web Security Manager™ is a cloud-based managed solution that allows you to secure your web applications. Our managed web application firewall (WAF) is delivered in a Security-as-a-Service model which guards against emerging threats such as the OWASP Top 10, and provides immediate PCI DSS 6.6 compliance.

Proven Technology
Using both a signature database and machine-learning analytics, our managed WAF alerts when attacks are detected in your web traffic patterns.

Continuous Protection ActiveWatch experts in our Security Operations Center (SOC) manage, tune, and monitor Web Security Manager 24x7 to ensure your web applications and business stay secure and functional.

Deployment without Downtime
Web Security Manager easily deploys in on-premises, hosted, and cloud environments, providing security without physical network changes. A simple pay-as-you-go model delivers web application security and support for compliance mandates at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

No Business Disruptions
Web Security Manager monitors web applications traffic, ensuring the customer experience on your websites and applications is unaffected. As threats or suspicious activity are detected, our team will alert you and provide recommended remediation steps.


Alert Logic Log Manager with ActiveWatch is a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that meets compliance requirements and identifies security issues across your entire environment, including public cloud. It collects, processes and analyzes your data, while our ActiveWatch team unlocks the insights hidden in your log data with 24x7 expert monitoring and analysis.

Unlock the Insights Hiding in Your Log Data.

Experience increased visibility, rapid custom reporting, and scalable, real-time log collection and log management for a predictable monthly fee and without complex implementation. Our cloud security solution:
  • Deploys rapidly, wherever your IT resides
  • Scales to your particular business needs
  • Provides deep security insight into your environment with an intuitive interface
  • Turns your data into action, delivering correlations and validated incidents directly to you

And our simple pay-as-you-go approach means you avoid the large up-front investment and hidden costs incurred by most other log management products.

Business Benefits
  • Reduced cost: We manage your log data across environments, whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both. You can avoid the costly investment of additional infrastructure or an internal security team.
  • Simplified log data: Log Manager with Log Review collects, aggregates, and normalizes log data continuously and provides actionable reporting to meet compliance requirements.
  • Compliance without complexity: The solution identifies security issues and provides the recommended steps needed to resolve them while helping you achieve compliance.
COMPLIANCE: Management Mountains of Data with Compliance Automation

Alert Logic provides organizations with the means to secure their networks and meet compliance requirements in an easily managed, affordable way.

Alert Logic’s compliance solutions and managed security services allow you to painlessly aggregate, normalize, and de-duplicate data, even in an out-sourced or hosting environment.

Alert Logic’s cloud-powered security solution includes: Vulnerability assessment, Intrusion detection, Log management, and Web application security

Put an end to inefficient manual review and automatically keep your data compliant with PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and other regulatory standards.